Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka visits Lagos

Arsenal and England star Bukayo Saka has got many talking after posting a video of himself on a visit to Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos.

Saka was in the Bariga area of Lagos on Thursday. The Super Eagles courted Saka, but he has since opted for England’s Three Lions, where he is a key player.

As expected, Saka’s presence in Lagos is generating wild reactions from across the world, including from ex-Arsenal midfielder Alex Iwobi.

In the video posted on his Instagram page, Saka is seen in all-white attire and closely guarded by fierce-looking bouncers.

The 21-year-old wrote this caption on the video: “Ẹ kúulé o [Yoruba greeting from a visitor to those he meets at home]! Thank you for the warm welcome.”

Iwobi is among the over 15,000 (at the last check) Instagram users that commented on Saka’s short video.

The Everton star simply wrote: Na So!

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