Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria(MWUN) directs workers to shut operations, begin nationwide strike Monday.

The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria( MWUN) will launch a nationwide attack on Monday in response to ongoing shipping disputes involving their members’ subpar welfare.
This was stated by the President – General of MWUN, Prince Adewale Adeyanju at a press presentation on Thursday.
The union, according to the president, had been battling the shipping companies over the minimum wage for employees, but to no avail.
According to a record by Vanguard, the leader added that the shipping companies had refused to enhance workers’ welfare despite numerous ultimatums.
He lamented that employees in the shipping industry were being treated like slaves.
The International Oil Companies’ non-compliance with the Extant Stevedoring Regulations, known as Government Marine Notice 106 of 2014, was the subject of a 14-day attack by the union in February 2022.
The union claimed that the International Oil Companies, or IOCs, forbade registered longshoremen and stevedoring companies from using the systems of the companies as required by law by refusing to grant the StevedORing Companies access to them in order for them to start operating.
The federation threatened to shut down port operations statewide from March 1, 2022, until the IOCs complied with the rules.

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