The name of the Virginia-class hero SSN 808 is revealed by US SECNAV.

US Navy Secretary( SECNAV ) Carlos Del Toro has officially revealed the name of the future Virginia – class nuclear – powered attack submarine SSN 808.
The 70th US SECNAV John H. Dalton is honored by the name of the underwater.
The announcement was made during the US Naval Academy’s Submarine Officer Selectee Dinner on 28 February.
Del Toro declared,” I couldn’t be more pleased to give John Dalton’s name to this potential submarine.” He served as a happy diver and as Secretary of the Navy, he took strong and ethical stands against sexual abuse and abuse and oversaw the inclusion of feminine sailors onto overcome ships.

US SECNAV reveals name of Virginia-class submarine SSN 808
With women serving on, above, and below the water, the changes he pushed nearly thirty years ago are still visible in every nook and cranny of our Navy nowadays. A deliver bearing his name brings power to the crew who will certainly work it with the fortitude and dignity of John H Dalton.”
Dalton was a native of Louisiana and started his active naval tasks in 1964. In 1969, Dalton left the US Navy company and began his career in private business.
He was nominated as the SECNAV in 1993 and held the same place until 1998.
The potential USS John H Dalton is one of the ten Virginia – school attack submarines to have Block V improvements. This Block V configuration may be found on ships with hull numbers 802 to 811.
The keel for the Virginia-class Block V submarine USS Arizona( SSN 803 ) was authenticated by the US Navy in December of last year.
It is currently under construction at General Dynamics Electric Boat’s Quonset Point hospital in Rhode Island, US.

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