A gallant soldier with boots soaked in the pool of bullets
And body lined with excruciating scars
In the quest to provide a fortress
for the family;

The purposeful nation builder
that weaves webs,
Building bridges across divides
And uniting family members for herculean tasks;

The goal-driven pathfinder that charts the course
For the family to thread in the twist
of thorns and twigs;

The dogged provider that bends over backward
To sustain the family through thick and thin;

The fascinating comforter that facilitates Oasis
When the family trudges in the forlorn lurch of the desert;

The incorruptible law-giver that sets rules of socialization and re-socialization,
Molding deviants to fit into societal norms;

The quintessential disciplinarian that enforces the rod
To straighten the pathway to the future;

The astounding polymath that educates and enlightens the family on the riddles of life;

The dexterous conductor that regulates the symphony of the family
To reverberate far and near;

The cosmic dynamite that ignites
Inspiring the family to aspire to greater heights;

The enigmatic Trojan horse that contrives a master stroke,
Blazing trails and raising bars,
Setting the family on unparalleled soaring altitude
To the admiration of the world.



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