Following their meeting with President Tinubu, health workers suspend the Strike.

The Joint Health Sector Union ( JOHESU ) yesterday suspended its nationwide strike. The suspension was announced by JOHESU National Vice President, Obinna Ogbonna, several days after …
A few hours after President Bola Tinubu met with the government’s management and pleaded for the health workers to resume their jobs, JOHESU National Vice President Obinna Ogbonna announced the suspension.
On May 25, JOHESU launched an ongoing attack in response to the federal government’s inability to modify the Consolidated Health Salary Structure and other needs.

Ogbonna told reporters in Abuja yesterday that the attack was suspended due to the advancement made during the wedding with Tinubu.
The health sector is one field with a dedication to humanity, according to Tinubu, who spoke with the union’s leadership yesterday. We’ll solve all the problems. Trust must be enshrined in all conversations. I promise you we’ll promote this. We’ll handle all the issues. Go back to work, please.

The leader stated that his administration would resurrect and reestablish public confidence in Nigeria’s health sector in a statement from Abiodun Olabunjoye, Director of Information, State House.

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