Fuel Subsidy Removal: Overhaul Of The Whole Supply Chain By Maritime Lawyer Advocates

A nautical consultant and attorney Barr. In order to lessen the anguish of Nigerians prior to the contentious subsidy removal, Tony Dania has advocated for a complete overhaul of the whole petroleum supply chain.
Dania submission was sequel to the sudden removal of petroleum subsidy by the President Bola Tinubu administration which has led to over 200 % increase in Premium Motor Spirit ( PMS ) pump price from the official rate of N185 per litre to N500.
Subsidy Removal: Counting the Costs berated the federal government under President Tinubu for not taking radical steps to modernise the hydrocarbon supply chain before his pronouncement on the elimination. The proper activist added his voice to a discussion about the subsidy removal on Saturday’s Sunrise Daily program on Channels Television Morning.


He accused agencies of goverment for the random earnings series from the supply chain adding that revamp of the obstacles will save the nation millions of naira from landing price of PMS.

According to Barr. There is no way we can consider all the steps, Dania said, adding that we should have taken a few. Steps to modernise the petroleum payment supply range by removing all the bottlenecks. We have Customs, aside from collecting established revenue, they are collecting illegal also, Navy the same thing, NPA, NIMASA are all there.
” Remove all these bottlenecks and you will be serving not less than N80 million from landing cost of PMS” he said.
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According to him,” in the past the factories were working and that puts less strain on our economic system. However, despite spending so much money on them, the factories are no longer operating.

He urged the government to liberalize the PMS buy range so different actors can come in. when questioned about his support for the previous administration’s request to borrow$ 800 million.
Barr. Dania said” Am not in help, just like I was not in aid of collecting trillions to give judgement debts, when the government is constantly in life”.

He commended the Tinubu Government for promising to integrate the transfer rate saying, that it will assist marketers to resource for their money. He even question why the item may be paid in Naira.
Barr. Dania who enhanced peace and unity in his village, in Etsako West, Edo State, of which the Prince, HRM Alhaji Aliu Kelvin Danesi, appreciated him with the headline: OKWEOGBE OF SOUTH IBIE KINGDOM said he wished the state of President Tinubu to handle the hardships of the people by implementing people oriented laws as he has promised a renewed hope for Nigerians.

President Tinubu in his annual speech on May 29 said that the time of crude subsidy was gone, actually as filling facilities across the country had jacked up their pump costs per gallon from N185 to N500.

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